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Tiga Sekawan

Irna Permanasari, Mitra Annas, Roosiah Y are middle age women who run footprint research named Tiga Sekawan. They graduated from University of Indonesia , senior journalist, editor, presenter in the era of an old media, write about Indonesia, based on a light analysis of media content in feature articles.
With us is our gentlemen support Budihardjo, a proffesor and senior lecturer, Karim Paputungan, senior journalist, and Rizki Kurniadi, our fresh graduate translator and our volunteers Linda Poernomo, Pangesti and Ketut Suasti.
Writing is a passion, inviting and transmitting young people to write in bilingual or threelingual, such as with young people from Japan and Germany who wrote “The Immune Talua Tea” and “The Fish-Ikan”. If you are a lover of Indonesia or Bali, you deserve to read all of our books..

Save People Care For Economy

Save People Care For Economy


He is a journalist before. He is handsome. He is smart. He is wise. What else ? You have to read if you are Indonesian Lover ...
Jurnalis. Tampan. Cerdas. Bijak. Apalagi ? Bacalah pemimpin kita di kursi legislatif.

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Sudirman , Patriot for Aceh Commoners: Sudirman, Pembela Jelata di Aceh